New York State recently enacted “The Safety in Agricultural Tourism Act,” a law which offers protection for operators of indoor and outdoor equine activities, such as horse farms, boarding and training facilities, and stable owners, from claims of injury or death resulting from foreseeable or inherent risks associated with equine activities. These risks include falling off, being bucked off, being kicked, bitten, or stepped on.

The law protects these facilities and operators ONLY IF THEY HAVE POSTED THE APPROPRIATE EQUINE SIGNAGE ON THEIR PROPERTY. The minimum signage required to comply consists of THREE SEPARATE HORSE SIGNS for posting, PLUS A PRINTED HANDOUT, which we are offering as a “rack card” with an accompanying Plexiglas holder. Additionally, “directional” Equine Signs are included in your package (i.e. Do Not Enter, Do Not Feed or Touch the Horses) and other à la carte Horse Signs are available to supplement your equine warnings.

Our Horse Signs offer protection you need as a New York Horse Owner.

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